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Welcome To Maple Heights, Ohio


This one room schoolhouse built in 1871 by the Bedford Township School District is now being used as a museum that is run by the Maple Heights Historical Society.

Museum admission is free and it is open on a seasonal basis (Summertime ) or by appointment.
Built in 1871, on land donated by Mr. Wheeler, the little red brick building was a one room school for children of the earliest residents of Bedford Township. As a museum, it houses many items of general interest to Ohio and Maple Heights residents and visitors. Included in the collection are:
1) Twenty-three composite pictures of Maple Heights High School graduating classes, beginning with the class of 1926.
2) The PBX switchboard from the old fire station.
3) The cast iron identification plaque from the old Dunham Road Bridge.
4) Household tools and equipment and many personal treasures donated by long time residents of Maple Heights.